Creative and Engaging Spaces

How do you design a space that sparks inspiration, inspires creativity and facilitates collaboration?

When designing a learning or training space the key goals are:

Spaces that support both social and learning activities Design for flexible

Best of NeoCon

Preview the latest innovations from Teknion. 

This year at NeoCon, Teknion demonstrated that feeling welcome, empowered, connected, calm and comfortable helps people do their best wrok. Human centered design evokes these emotions to positively impact the

Sustainably Designed Products

From the fresh smell following April showers, to the feel of cool grass under your toes; nature evokes powerful emotional and physical responses. Biophilic design incorporates key natual elements into workplace interiors to awaken the senses and elevate the

What’s New for 2017

What does 2017 look like for your office? We're excited to see residential influences in our latest products and textiles. The infusion of bright hues and natural elements has us thinking of Ethonomics. We love the influx of mobile

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Set up your office today with our new In-Stock Collection. We've designed an exclusive collection of reconfigurable components to complete your workspace. Our In-Stock Collection is ready for you to take away same-day, or take advantage of our