Introducing Zones by Teknion

The best ideas don’t always come from sitting at your desk. Teknion Zones transitional furnishings are developed to create environments that foster the different types of work encountered at your office. Recipient of the Best of NeoCon 2015 Award, Teknion Zones alters the landscape of your office, creating new work environments and social spaces. Explore the collection now.

Social Spaces

In an increasingly mobile world, employers are looking for ways to keep employees engaged in their work. Teknion has responded by creating furnishings that empower individuals to choose their work environment and allow them to select how, where and with whom they do their best work. These furnishing provide natural gathering places that foster connections and build communities – the Social Space.

Fluidity and Work Styles

Building upon concepts of community, fluidity and well-being, Zones is an activity-based series of furnishings that support workers’ creative energies.


For projects requiring a new perspective or intense review, escape your open-plan desk to a semi-private hub.

Zones Hub are compact pods that control noise and provide a sheltered place to read, think, talk and write. Great ideas are fostered and germinated when you can step away from the workstation.


Often, the best ideas come from several minds sharing thoughts. Zones makes it possible to create open or semi-enclosed collaborative settings that may be lounge or table-based.

Zones tables are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to serve collaborative meetings of all sizes. Simple chairs and benches provide support and comfort for spontaneous meetings and touchdown scenarios.


Beyond spaces for informal collaboration, there is an emerging need for group settings that fully engage participants in project-centered work.

Zones standing desks keep participants alert and focused, resulting in shorter and more productive meetings. Mobile screens and easels track your meeting outcomes with ease and provide privacy. The Zones collection combines in multiple ways to fully engage participants in project-centered work.

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