Our Services: Moves & Reconfigurations

Our expertise in furniture means all your office furnishing needs are resolved with one quick call. 


We specialize in office moves of any scale and have the resources and expertise to ensure you have a smooth transition into your new space. Our clients benefit from rapid turn-around times and efficient installation by our moves specialists. McCrum’s has a fleet of vehicles and moving supplies to provide our clients with complete care throughout their move.


The value of modular furniture lies in the potential for redeployment and reuse in a reconfiguration. McCrum’s can plan the ideal reuse of your existing product to eliminate waste and maximize value to ensure your furniture is being used effectively in your workspace.
The process for reconfiguration is as follows:

  • We’ll meet with you, the client, to verify their space requirements and needs
  • McCrum’s will create an inventory log of your existing furnishings
  • McCrum’s Design team will integrate your existing furnishings into a new floorplan that best matches your needs 
  • Working with your budget, your floor plan may be supplemented with the purchase of new furnishings to ensure an optimal plan
  • Our installation team will reconfigure your furnishings and install any new furnishings required 
  • Any existing furnishings not required in the reconfiguration may be stored through our Asset Management Program for use in the future

Why Reconfigure?

  • Cost Efficient: Repurposing your existing furnishings allows you to stretch your budget further and retain the value in your existing furnishings. 
  • Optimal Space Use: As your work environment changes, your workspace should reflect an efficient use of your space. Through strategically planning your space, you can optimize the use of your existing space and reduce wasted or underutilized spaces.
  • Sustainability: Rather than purchasing and disposing of your existing furnishings, you’re able to renew your furnishing investment and reduce the amount of new product required for your project.

The McCrum’s Advantage 

McCrum’s has been Calgary’s solution to office furnishings for 45 years. Our complete service offerings ensure that you receive the Ultimate Client Experience in every project. Our team is trained to provide you with comprehensive support on all aspects of your project and we will ensure your satisfaction with our services.