Sustainably Designed Products

From the fresh smell following April showers, to the feel of cool grass under your toes; nature evokes powerful emotional and physical responses. Biophilic design incorporates key natual elements into workplace interiors to awaken the senses and elevate the mood of individuals. Learn how your office can be a breath of fresh air. 

Green Furniture Concept

Leaf Lamps: Available as a tree or hanging pendant, the Leaf Lamp Series by Green Furniture Concept brings a soft and natural ambiance to a space. Foliage of wool felt absorbs sound and improves speech perception in a room. View the Leaf Lamp Series


Nova C Series benching can be configured to curve and fit any space, providing a seamless seating line for natural flow control. Contoured for comfort, the Nova C Series by Green Furniture Concept has a small footprint for efficient space use. View the Nova C Benching Series

Teknion Around features a honeycomb back for remarkable comfort in a light, minimalist form. Around is a new task chair by Teknion that features clever innovations to make this a versatile chair for your workspace. View the Teknion Around task chair