What’s New for 2017

What does 2017 look like for your office? We're excited to see residential influences in our latest products and textiles. The infusion of bright hues and natural elements has us thinking of Ethonomics. We love the influx of mobile furnishings that empower employees to choose their work style and create micro-communities.

Home Sweet Office: Our latest textiles include chunky knits and luxurious wools that embody the comfort of home. Vintage meets modern aesthetic in the Zones Cantina table. The fluid and iconic Zones Solo lounge is designed for support and comfort. Explore the latest Zones collection here!


Ethonomics connects humans with their environment and encourages the design of workplaces that promote wellness. Spaces that evoke nature by including fresh air, plants, daylight and natural elements can improve physical and psychological health of its occupants. Look for vibrant colours, lustrous wood grain, organic textiles and of course, Pantone's Greenery in this year's designs. Explore the Teknion upStage desking system here.

Empowered employees  are given the choices to work in their best settings. Mobile furnishings present the opportunity to form micro-communities for collaborative work or disband for individual focused tasks. View the Qui collection.