Great seating has a drastic effect on your image, well-being and productivity and should never be under-estimated. Our wide selection of seating for all office environments ensures a comfortable experience for colleagues and clients alike.
Your workstation is a personal oasis of calm amidst the usual office chaos. It's where the magic happens. Explore the latest in design trends, options and layouts for flexible, user-friendly pieces that align with your unique business objectives.
Classy, cool and serene or vibrant, energetic and inspiring. Whatever mood best suits your business, McCrum's can create private office sanctuaries that enhance employee satisfaction and increase workplace productivity.
Designed to build community, empower choice and foster connections, social spaces enable people to choose how, where and with whom they do their best work.
Finding synergies. Making connections. Generating Ideas. Meeting spaces are the heart of any organization.
Demountable walls are your beautiful and flexible workspace solution. As your business evolves, these walls can be efficiently reconfigured to expand the functionality your space.
Feeling energized and fit is just as important at work as it is at home. Enhance your efficiency, cut down on workplace stress injuries and reduce absenteeism with the right tools for the job. McCrum's specialists are fully conversant with the latest ergonomic products, accessories and trends to guide you to a happy, healthy workplace experience.
Recycling and waste receptacles provide an easy way to reduce your workplace environmental footprint.
Comfort and utility are the most important elements when trying to concentrate and retain information. Discover our full spectrum of classroom and study furnishings designed to ensure users reach their full potential.
Enhance patient experience in a healthcare or care-giving environment. Products are designed with special consideration for bacterial resistance, ease of cleaning and durable design for high-traffic environments.