Keilhauer / Hangout

Hangout is a six product collection designed to celebrate teamwork while respecting the individual. Comprised of benches, sofas, ottomans, stools, tables and chairs, Hangout

KI / Ruckus

Unique non-directional seat and perch-able back promote student movement. Users can quickly change from focused to collaborative work without the disruption of moving furniture.<

KI / Pillar

KI PIllar is a simple yet easy-to-customize table that could serve a variety of purposes in many different training environments. Pillar's minimalist leg

StudioTK / Dual

Dual lounge is available in a low back, for relaxed or casual collaboration, or a high back for when you need to unwind and

Teknion / Expansion Cityline

Expansion Cityline creates workstations, collaborative spaces and mixed-use areas in which allows people to move, to gather and to disperse when privacy and focus

Teknion / Around

The Around task chair was conceived to create two different looks - an upholstered or mesh back - framed by a sleek sculptural form.