Meeting Rooms

Meeting spaces are the heart of any organization. From traditional tables to contemporary collaboration spaces, McCrum's offers a wide selection to fit the tone and culture of your business.

Allermuir / Silta

Silta is a premium high table for breakout spaces, ad hoc meetings or a place to simply perch and connect. Modern meets vintage with

Teknion / Sidewise

Sidewise is a compact casegoods workstation or collaborative hub suitable for one to three resident and non-resident workers in small enclaves. Sidewise is a

Davis / Span

Combine an air of mystery  with an ultra-minimalist aesthetic, and you have Span. This super slim, wood conference table from Davis is able

Halcon / Motus

MOTUS pairs uncompromised  aesthetics with an innovative and  intuitive  interface to  redefine  reconfigurable tables. The design is

Teknion / Solutions

Teknion Custom Solutions program uses the finest quality woods, metals, stone and glass carefully crafted to exact specifications. Teknion Custom Solutions can craft any

Teknion / Audience

Designed specifically to furnish boardrooms and meeting rooms, the Audience offering comprises a complete line of tables and boardroom storage. This unique program allows