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Businesses and Organizations Recycling Guide

Effective November 1, 2016 Calgary businesses and organizations will be required to comply with new recycling bylaws.

Businesses will be required to collect and sort recyclables separately from waste materials. They will also be responsible for ensuring the collected recyclable materials are taken to a recycling facility. 

To support your business through this transition, McCrum's offers recycling receptacles that work with any size of business and will fit within your budget: http://www.mccrums.com/products/category/recycling-receptacles Our experts can also help to pair you with a local recycling hauler to ensure your recyclables are securely collected. This City of Calgary Recycling Guide for businesses will help you get started to prepare your business for the new bylaw regulations.

Workplace Transformation Survey - A Global View of Workplace Change

Workplace structure is rapidly transforming to meet the needs of today's employee, while maximizing productivity and efficiency within the work environment. This report from Cushman & Wakefield reviews workspace transformation on a global scale and how organizations are responding to these changes.

Managing Workplace Resources for Knowledge Work

The ProWork project (2006-2009) aimed to understand the requirements of productive knowledge work in physical, virtual and social work settings towards developing workplace resource management. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the ProWork project. 

Rise of the Human Factor

By exploring variables that focus on the unique attributes of individual employees, Teknion focuses on increasing employee engagement through exploring alternative workspace designs.


Designing Space to Support Knowledge Work

The role of workspace design and its relationship with knowledge collaboration, efficiency and productivity are explored in this report.