Nuova Contessa - a classic…redesigned & enhanced

Nuova Contessa is a redesigned and enhanced version of Teknion’s classic Contessa task chair. A refined aesthetic, advanced adjustment mechanisms, increased strength and durability deliver uncompromised comfort and performance for diverse body types. The redesigned back and

WELL for a Healthier Work Environment

Join the movement to advance buildings that foster better health and wellness for individuals; leading to improvements in employee productivity, engagement and retention. 


Why was WELL created? Standards, like LEED, exist that encompass a building

Creative and Engaging Spaces

How do you design a space that sparks inspiration, inspires creativity and facilitates collaboration?

When designing a learning or training space the key goals are:

Spaces that support both social and learning activities Design for flexible

Best of NeoCon

Preview the latest innovations from Teknion. 

This year at NeoCon, Teknion demonstrated that feeling welcome, empowered, connected, calm and comfortable helps people do their best wrok. Human centered design evokes these emotions to positively impact the