Creative and Engaging Spaces

How do you design a space that sparks inspiration, inspires creativity and facilitates collaboration?

When designing a learning or training space the key goals are:

  • Spaces that support both social and learning activities
  • Design for flexible spaces
  • Offer a choice of interaction or focus
  • Support active, project-based learning
  • Incorporate appropriate technology to support teaching and learning

McCrum's has featured some of our top choices for educational spaces, which can also be used in corporate training facilities. View our full educational brochure

Individual Spaces

Teknion Zones: Zones Collection includes compact, semi-private hubs that provide a sheltered place to read, think, talk and write. Zones includes mobile screens to provide varying degrees of privacy. Click to learn more

Teknion Thesis: Thesis learning tables are designed to be highly configurable and complement any space. Glass or laminate partitions can be added to create private study spaces. Click to learn more

Senator Ad-Lib Scholar: Designed for educational settings, Ad-Lib Scholar features rotational foldaway tablet, under seat storage and integrated cup holder. Click to learn more

Teknion Variable Hybred: Ideal for multi-purpose applications and spaces, including cafeterias, auditoriums, lecture and training rooms and offices. Click to learn more

Collaborative Spaces

KI Pillar: Defined by clean lines, a simple leg and a multitude of configurable top shapes, Pillar tables provide a place to gather, create or focus. Click to learn more

KI Doni Stack Chair: Doni provides optimal comfort in a palette of fresh colours. Chairs can be ganged together for curved rows or stacked for storage. Click to learn more

KI Ruckus: Unique non-directional seat and perch-able back promote student movement. Users can quickly change from focused to collaborative work without the disruption of moving furniture. Click to learn more

Multi-purpose Spaces

Keilhauer Hangout: Hangout is a six product collection designed to celebrate teamwork while respecting the individual. Comprised of benches, sofas, ottomans, stools, tables and chairs, Hangout can be configured in numerous shapes and formats to meet the needs of any space. Click to learn more 

Teknion DNA: Collection includes powered modular lounge seating and tables which reconfigure easily to accommodate changing activities. Click to learn more

Teknion QUI: Flexible-use seating and surfaces designed to create touch-point areas for quick interactions and exchanges. Click to learn more

KI Hub: Hub brings contemporary styling to modular seating. Components can be ganged together or used as stand-alone pieces to promote collaboration in any setting. Click to learn more