Sneak-a-Peek at our New Space!

Our head office and showroom is located at 100, 4639 Manhattan Road SE.

Since 1971, McCrum’s Office Furnishings has been an enduring presence in the Calgary industry with a name that became synonymous with quality and integrity. But being consistent does not mean standing still, and McCrum’s is on the move, ushering in a new era with the company’s new location.


We proudly welcome our clients to our new space!


Installing sound dampening baffles in McCrum's new space

Our expert installer, Kalvin, is installing innovative sound dampening baffles from Pro Acoustic Designs.


Client Resource Area in McCrum's New Space

The finishing touches are being completed to one of the more spectacular features in our new showroom.


Social Stairs in McCrum's New Space

An exciting part of our new space is assembled and ready for its final touches! This feature in our main communal area--affectionately known as the "social stairs"--will be used for everything from company-wide communication sessions, to casual gatherings or relaxed reading.


Future Home of McCrum's Office Furnishings

You know your project is truly underway when the "future home of..." sign gets installed.


Demolition of McCrum's New Space

The location of our new corporate head-office and showroom underwent major demolition.