Looking for inspiration for your workspace? View our curated furniture collections.

Routes is a collection made up of furniture, lighting and accessories, given fresh yet familiar forms that are easy to understand and to specify; easy to assemble, configure and use.
Unique Scandinavian products designed with minimalism, ergonomics, and sustainability, that balance aesthetics with functionality, and offer vibrant interior solutions to fuel the creative soul.
Teknion Bene Box is the ideal multi-functional modular furnishing system – it configures into desks, tables, stools, benches, lecterns, platforms, shelving units, storage towers and more to create versatile options for any room and for an entire floor plan.
Part of a new partnership, Teknion brings four mid-century modern collections from the Spanish furniture company, Punt Mobles. The collections come together to create private offices and meeting spaces that offer a more residential, yet sophisticated, atmosphere.
StudioTK has partnered with Artifort, renowned Dutch furniture company, to manufacture and distribute select Artifort furnishings in North America. Artifort furnishings stand for art, comfort and timeless design. Their authoritative designs are for the home, office, boardroom or lobby.
Untucked is a soft-contract collection designed to encapsulate the concept of individuality and cohesion that applies to today's casual workplace. Untucked adds warmth and personalization to any space.
Gus* Modern is a Canadian, modern furniture company that designs soft-contract furnishings, accents and accessories.
Hangout is a collection designed to celebrate teamwork while respecting the individual. Wood, steel and sweeping lines unite the collection allowing a facility to be completely furnished with one product line and maintain a natural flower of design.
Zones challenges the experience of work by focusing on the individual, their community, fluidity and well-being.
StudioTK is changing the culture of work by focusing on the social applications of products to create spaces that are responsive to all the ways we work.
StudioTK has partnered with B & B Italia, renowned Italian furniture company, to manufacture and distribute select B & B Italia furnishings in North America. Refined contemporary design and creativity are the unmistakable features of B&B Italia's style.
Modular seating with flexibility to create configurations as unique as your space with the potential to offer room for both interaction and privacy.