B & B Italia

StudioTK has partnered with B & B Italia, renowned Italian furniture company, to manufacture and distribute select B & B Italia furnishings in North America. Refined contemporary design and creativity are the unmistakable features of B&B Italia's style.

B & B Italia / Metropolitan

Metropolitan is the seat that flows uninterruptedly into the armrests is the hallmark of this small armchair and relaxation chair.

B & B Italia / Tulip

Tulip is a 360-degree swivel armchair, whose highlight is the well-balanced proportion between its thickness and the intersections of straight lines and curves. Two

B & B Italia / Cosmos

Cosmos is a sleek, contemporary chair with wide application potential from offices,  breakout zones and meeting rooms to hospitality, dining areas and conference

B & B Italia / Cloud

Cloud is visually striking with a minimalistic design and basic lines that mark long upholstered benches. Offered with or without a back, two or