When trying to reduce noise, ceiling-mounted products can help absorb sound without a large footprint.

TURF / Urban Ceiling Tile

TURF Urban Ceiling System is a drop ceiling product series that transforms interiors through both cutting edge aesthetics and acoustical performance. Made to magnetically

unika vaev / Ecoustic Torque Ceiling Tile

Torque is a functional, love-level reverberant acoustic tile available as a wall tile and ceiling tile. The chevron design is inspired by architectural fretwork

unika vaev / Ecoustic Arbor

Created from the beautiful ecoustic screen collection, Arbor has been designed to be easily assembled and suspended using Unika Vaev's proprietary mounting hardware.<

unika vaev / Ecoustic Timber Ceiling Blade

The ecoustic Timber Ceiling Blades are available in five blade profiles and are suitable for use with many lighting options and existing electrical or

BuzziSpace / BuzziGrid

The BuzziGrid is a sound buffer that limits echo in a room. It takes inspiration from the structures that have been widely used in

BuzziSpace / BuzziDonut

A round, sound absorbing panel with a distinctive central hole that gives it its tasty name. The sleek round form, standardly upholstered or finished

BuzziSpace / BuzziPleat

BuzziPleat delivers sound control with an architectural edge. The architectural folds, created through the hand pleating process, maximize surface area, delivering exceptional acoustic performance.