Dividers & Panels

Loftwall / Split

A panel that provides privacy and distance between users. Quick to set-up and lightweight, it is easily moved to wherever it's needed.

Loftwall / Shelter

A safe place to touchdown and work. Aluminum hardward clamps makes it easily installed in less than 5 minutes. 

Loftwall / Hitch

Distance without sacrificing natural light. This attractive divider is easily installed in less than 10 minutes without drilling into work surfaces.

Buzzi / Tripl

Create a small, temporary office for focused work. Just choose the level of privacy by turning the side panels, joined together with Velcro

Global Contract / Diet+ Panel

This slimline panel system with the universal hinge connector can deliver power and communication along the linear spine of the base panel. Diet+

Fluid Concepts / Pop-up Panel

The fluidconcepts pop-up space system offers rapid set-up and take-down walls, partitions and rooms for urgent , permanent or temporary needs.