Meeting Room Accessories

Innovative whiteboards and glassboards to enhance your boardroom and meeting room spaces.

HealthFirst / Disinfectant Stations

Disinfectant stations are perfect for reception and waiting areas, providing a single enclosure for dispensing sanitizer, masks and tissues.

A variety of

Teknion / Trolley

Trolley is a mobile, hospitality style unit that can be used within collaborative spaces.

Teknion / Easel

The Tech Easel supports a TV screen on one side with a whiteboard or chalkboard on the other.

Teknion / Zones Accessories

Zones accessories includes screens, easels, accessories and coat racks. Zones’ breadth of offering across multiple workplace categories with a consistent design language makes

Clarus / Glassboard Float

The Glassboard Float matches the style and elegance of any premier interior and excels with unmatched functionality. Inspire creativity and communication within any space.

Clarus / go! Mobile

go! Mobile allows you the freedom to creatively express, design and inspire your own way. go! Mobile combines the Clarus commitment to glass excellence

KI / Connection Zone Screen

Connection Zone Screens move where you move. Spark creativity and facilitate collaboration with writable surfaces that create and define work zones. Screens can be