Outdoor Seating

Durable exterior seating components to enhance outdoor spaces.

Tonik / Goby

Embodying organic simplicity, Goby™ is modular lounge seating with a curvaceous signature shape. Its form is an interplay of concavity and convexity, bringing

Tonic / Jux

Deceptively simple at first glance, Jux features a sturdy one-piece construction that is smooth and sculptural, while still conveying strength and durability. It

Maglin / Battery Collection

Energize your outdoor space with The Battery Collection. This collection delivers the perfect combination of fresh, unique design with the ease of rearranging for

Maglin / 1050 Series

Transform the look of your space in a way that fits your style and budget by mixing and matching tables, benches and stools in

Maglin / Foro Series

The Foro Table and Chair series presents a clean, contemporary style developed to stand alone or combine with other Maglin furnishings within interior or

Maglin / Lexicon Collection

Lexicon's multi-functional modular components bring a full spectrum of inspiring choice to custom site furnishing.Use an array of easy-to-assemble geometric shapes to create

Maglin / Pixel Collection

Simple in form and highly versatile in function, Pixel gives you the building blocks to design your ideal space. And with fast, easy installation

KI / Promenade

Seating components are manufacturered of heavy-guage steel for incredible durability. Four outdoor applications, rugged fiberglass elements stand up to rigorous use. Special rust-resistant paint