Patient Recliners

Reclining lounge seating for extended patient comfort and caregiver ease.

Ki / Soltice Recliner

Soltice Recliners accommodate the need for comfort and safety. The sleek, clean style is combined with contoured support to make the patient feel at

KI / Affina Recliner

Affina recliners offer a supportive and intuitive solution for patient care. With a simple, yet sophisticated design, Affina recliners can be specified with a

Global / At-Eez

At-Eez is a compact sofa chair that opens into a comfortable sleeper. Ideal for residence, patient rooms or lounge areas, At-Eez is fitted with

AllSeating / Foster Recliner

Designed to be intuitive, Foster recliner alleviates stress by allowing patients and family to easily sit, elevate their feet or recline. The modern design

Krug / Active Patient Recliner

The Jordan Active Patient Recliner is lighter-scaled, lower weight and dimensionally smaller than most recliners, but maintains comfortable proportions for extended sitting, resting and