Private Offices

Classy, cool and serene or vibrant, energetic and inspiring. Whatever mood best suits your business, McCrum's can create private office sanctuaries that enhance employee satisfaction and increase workplace productivity.

It's tried and true and universally loved for a reason . . . it's timeless, it's beautiful and it works in just about any space! It's the beauty of classic wood finishes, elegant lines and quality construction.
It's trendy, chic and fashionable. It's colour and light, curves and edges and it fits perfectly into your modern sophisticated space bringing just the right 'wow' factor.
An essential for workplace health, height adjustable desks offer greater flexibility by giving your team the ability to go from a sitting position to a standing one creating an environment that enhances the ability of an employee to work smarter.
You have a vision - we can help bring it to life! Combining elements of classic and contemporary we can tailor a distinct office space just designed jut for you.