Scandinavian Spaces

Unique Scandinavian products designed with minimalism, ergonomics, and sustainability, that balance aesthetics with functionality, and offer vibrant interior solutions to fuel the creative soul.

Skandiform / Collection

Skandiform is one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of furniture for offices and inspirational public spaces. From our beginning in 1962 we have worked with

Karl Andersson & Soner / Collection

Working with renowned designers and using wood as our principal material, our guiding principle is to develop high-class furniture with a strong identity and

TreCe / Collection

We are one of the leading Nordic suppliers of storage furniture with over forty years’ experience developing innovative storage solutions for our customers.

Gotessons / Collection

Gotessons is about creating an ergonomic, comfortable and stylish environment, with the right products, preferably in collaboration with interior designers and architects. We want

Minus Tio / Collection

Excellent furniture, local manufacturing, long winters and an abundance of passion. Minus tio produces high quality furniture from classic materials such as wood, steel

Materia / Collection

The world is in a constant state of change, as are our products. We constantly develop our furniture and accessories to better meet the

Nordgrona / Collection

Using handpicked Reindeer Moss from the forest and mountain areas of northern Scandinavia, Nordgröna creates inspiring and functional products for public and

Bla Station / Collection

Our quest for designs that interpret the present and point to the future has challenged us to an intense battle with advanced technology and