Teknion / Desk Mounted Screens

Protective screens fitted to desk edges define personal space and provide seated privacy. 

Loftwall / Hide

HIde offers minimal requirements for privacy and protection. 

Easily reconfigurable design No assembly required Capable of storing flat Made from recycled

Loftwall / Shield

Counter and desk shield quickly and securely separates space in any environment and can stand up to harsh cleaners to ensure a sanitary environment

Enwork / Harbor Screens

Low investment, high confidence. Harbor Screens offer an immediate solution for safe, healthy workspace. Cardboard is a highly effective surface when fighting Covid-19 as

Egan / TableScreens

TableScreens provide a sense of privacy in an open concept environment and over a variety of frame designs, infill options, and table-agnostic mounting configurations

Global Contract / Wellness Screens

Provide your employees and customers with a protective barrier to help prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Designed to integrate into reception, open