Lighting Products

Acoustic lighting provides soundscaping as well as brightens a space.

Abstracta / Trumpet

Trumpet is remarkably thin, which gives the product a certain elegance, yet it makes a huge difference when it comes to noise. Trumpet functions

Abstacta / Liliy

The Lily soundabsorbing lamp represents a whole new perspective on acoustic products. Lily’s subtle design allows it to retain a soft, organic

Frasch / Bell

Bell is a modern, acoustical overhead light designed from beautiful Fella sound absorbing material. Sure to start a conversation, this light fixture will also

Turf / Slab LED

The market’s most efficient acoustic and decorative baffle system now comes with an LED light. Minimal, sophisticated, and easy to install, Slab

Green Furniture Concept / Leaf Lamp Series

The Leaf Lamp is an ambient and acoustic lighting solution that mimics the organic designs found in nature and is made entirely of natural

BuzziSpace / BuzziMoon

BuzziMoon offers the best of both worlds; highly functional general lighting embedded in a proven acoustic ceiling solution. One of the first acoustical lighting

BuzziSpace / BuzziLight Alhambra & Royal

The classic BuzziLight, which blends illumination and acoustics, is now available in Alhambra and Royal patterns. Laser-cut felts make a dramatic statement with artful

BuzziSpace / BuzziLight

BuzziLight is a striking phenomenon. The strips of sound absorbing felt are fixed around a steel structure, allowing this light object to take on

BuzziSpace / BuzziChandelier

BuzziChandelier creates a bold focal point while adding acoustic softnes to a room. This contemporary take on the Moorish lantern is a new way

BuzziSpace / BuzziPleat

BuzziPleat delivers sound control with an architectural edge. The architectural folds, created through the hand pleating process, maximize surface area, delivering exceptional acoustic performance.