Screens & Panels

Screens and panels provide both visual and acoustic privacy in an open work environment. Many of the products offer ease of mobility to quickly transform a space—offering more or less privacy as required.

Unika Vaev / Scala

Scala is a playful take on corrugated iron that simultaneously employs the functionality of the shape. The design of the sound-absorbent Scala is

StudioTK / Lite Wall

Lite Wall is a series of lightweight screens that respond to varying needs of the open office, quickly configuring to provide privacy or space

unika vaev / ScreenTrak Bass

ScreenTrak Bass is a collection of beautifully designed, rigid screens. Available in a range of colours, ScreenTrak Bass comes in 24 designs with the ability

BuzziSpace / BuzziBlinds

BuzziBlinds free-standing room divider is made up of a series of five rotating acoustic blinds. With a simple twist, the blinds can be opened

BuzziSpace / BuzziFalls

To divide a space and create some privacy, BuzziFalls are a new playful variation in our acoustic solutions gamma. These strips are made out