Seating & Booths

An acoustic oasis in a busy open plan office, booths create privacy for individuals to take phone calls or work uninterrupted.

Gotessons / Hut

The hut's simple and straight lines are inspired by the classic game of Monopoly and its game pieces that give a timeless shape

Abstracta / Domo Wall Booth

It’s sometimes difficult to know where to go when you need a quiet, private space to write or make a quick phone

Senator / Haven Pods

Haven Pods provide a defined space for individual focused work and spaces for team collaboration. The space efficient geometric design also enhances the acoustic

Boss / Cocoon

Based around one simple unit, Cocoon can be used for team meetings, collaborative tasks or a base for the day. It aims to combine

Nook / Mobile Pod

Nook is a mobile modular huddle pod, designed to help everyone improve their personal wellbeing, as well as adding efficiency & flexibility of space

BuzziSpace / BuzziHub

BuzziHub is a space where people can easily come togethe and share information. It has been designed to become a central point in the

BuzziSpace / BuzziHive

An acoustic cocoon that ensures a private, three-person meeting room without losing contact with the surroundings. HuzziHive can be used as a stand-alone element

Teknion / Zones Enclosures

Zones Enclosures offer varying degrees of privacy by providing a sheltered place to read, think, talk and write. Available as open or semi-enclosed, Zones

BuzziSpace / BuzziHood

The BuzziHood is an acoustic cocoon you can hang on the wall. When you're in the BuzziHood, you can answer the phone in