Walls & Floors

Wall-mounted acoustic panels diffuse and absorb sound in a space.

unika vaev / Ecoustic Foliar

ecoustic Foliar is a versatile, striking and dynamic wall feature design that has been inspired by the geometric cellular structures found in nature. Individual

unika vaev / Ecoustic Matrix

Ecoustic Matrix tile can be applied to walls and ceilings to absorb and diffuse sound. Matrix presents a bold three-dimensional design that will add

BuzziSpace / BuzziBrickBack

BrickBack is a unique looking sound absorbing and self-adhesive panel. Made of sliced BuzziFelt in the size and colour-mix you prefer. You can pin

unika vaev / Fraster Rug

Felt is a completely homogeneous material that can be cut in any way without fraying. Precise cutting of felt provides clean edge detail thereby

unika vaev / Ecoustic Drift

Lightweight, easy to handle and install, Ecoustic® Drift is a modular tile that wall mounts to provide acoustic control. An unhurried and smooth

Allermuir / Baudot

The scope and flexibility of the Baudot family allow it to be tailored to any personal style or project. Freestanding and wall mounted products

BuzziSpace / BuzziTile 3D

BuzziTile 3D blends aesthetic and acoustics to turn your walls into a must-see work of art. BuzziTile 3D shapes and colours can be combined

BuzziSpace / BuzziBlox

BuzziBlox is a group of acoustic panels of varying depths, developed to tune a room in the speech spectrum range. By using alternating depths,