Abstracta / Trumpet

Trumpet is remarkably thin, which gives the product a certain elegance, yet it makes a huge difference when it comes to noise. Trumpet functions

Abstacta / Liliy

The Lily soundabsorbing lamp represents a whole new perspective on acoustic products. Lily’s subtle design allows it to retain a soft, organic

Gotessons / Hut

The hut's simple and straight lines are inspired by the classic game of Monopoly and its game pieces that give a timeless shape

Abstracta / Domo Wall Booth

It’s sometimes difficult to know where to go when you need a quiet, private space to write or make a quick phone

Unika Vaev / Scala

Scala is a playful take on corrugated iron that simultaneously employs the functionality of the shape. The design of the sound-absorbent Scala is

Niva / EcoSund

Nivå improves acoustics and its design makes it a feature in any room. The panels can be varied to form different patterns in

Unika Vaev / Ecoustic Tango

ecoustic® Tango is a spirited and dynamic acoustic element that portrays the joy of movement through space. The body of ecoustic®

Teknion / Desk Mounted Screens

Protective screens fitted to desk edges define personal space and provide seated privacy. 

Loftwall / Hide

HIde offers minimal requirements for privacy and protection. 

Easily reconfigurable design No assembly required Capable of storing flat Made from recycled

Loftwall / Shield

Counter and desk shield quickly and securely separates space in any environment and can stand up to harsh cleaners to ensure a sanitary environment