StudioTK is changing the culture of work by focusing on the social applications of products to create spaces that are responsive to all the ways we work.

StudioTK / Kuskoa Bi

Kuskoa Bi's unique bio-plastic design is derived from plant-based renewable resources. The rugged shell can be finished two ways and optionally upholstered in

StudioTK / Kuskoa

From large cafes to small collaboration zones, the chair, counter-height, and bar-height stools offer versatile elegance to pair with a range of table types.

StudioTK / Dual

Dual lounge is available in a low back, for relaxed or casual collaboration, or a high back for when you need to unwind and

StudioTK / Qui

A collection of surfaces and seating, Qui is a flexible use product that offers a multiplicity of deployments in reconfigurable formats. The collection defines

StudioTK / Cover

The Cover lounge collection is inspired by classically tailored garments worn in a layered style. The collection plays in tune with any room, office

StudioTK / Cosmos

Cosmos is a sleek, contemporary chair with wide application potential from offices,  breakout zones and meeting rooms to hospitality, dining areas and conference

StudioTK / Cloud

Cloud is visually striking with a minimalistic design and basic lines that mark long upholstered benches. Offered with or without a back, two or

StudioTK / Fractals

The Fractals Seating Group was conceived with two important criteria in mind: to support the worker and groups of team-based workers in open and