Teknion Zones

Zones challenges the experience of work by focusing on the individual, their community, fluidity and well-being.

Teknion / Zones Arc Floor Lamp

Part of the Zones Collection, Arc Floor Lighting complements the fluid and flexible nature of the "between spaces" that naturally exist in the workplace.

Teknion / Zones Enclosures

Zones Enclosures offer varying degrees of privacy by providing a sheltered place to read, think, talk and write. Available as open or semi-enclosed, Zones

Teknion / Zones Modular Seating

The Zones Modular Seating lounge collection includes fully upholstered straight or curved bench modules. Modular Seating is designed to work with and complement other

Teknion / Zones Accessories

Zones accessories includes screens, easels, accessories and coat racks. Zones’ breadth of offering across multiple workplace categories with a consistent design language makes

Teknion / Zones Table

Designed for group settings that fully engage participants in project-centered work, Zones tables invite people to gather for an intensive period of direct interaction