Workstation Accessories

Tools to personalize your workspace and reduce clutter while keeping commonly-used items easily accessible.

Teknion / tn Storage & Accessories

Modular sizing of the multi-component line of work accessories encourages mixing and matching to form various combinations. tn accessories are designed to be used

Teknion / Cityline Accessories

A comprehensive program of accessories and screens enables people to work efficiently and effectively, while also contributing to “place-making” and a distinct

Teknion / Interpret Laptop Locker

The Laptop Locker provides customization and utility to the top of Interpret Credenzas. It includes a low-profile case with a lockable sliding lid that

Teknion / Accessory Dock

Teknion Accessory Dock provides workflow organization and can be powered to accommodate personal electronics. 

Teknion / Accessory Rail Products

For ergonomics to be effective, products must be selected and used properly within the context of the individual’s physical characteristics, job function