The Ultimate Client Experience

Our dedication to enhancing your complete office furnishing experience goes beyond our extensive quality products. We offer a portfolio of value-added services to handle all aspects of your project and preserve the value of your furnishings well into the future.

Our six phase approach ensures that your project will run smoothly and be tailored to your workspace needs—delivering the ultimate client experience.

PHASE1: We Learn

PHASE 2: We Advise

PHASE 3: We Finalize

PHASE 4: We Coordinate

PHASE 5: Deliver & Install

PHASE 6: We Support


McCrum’s Design team provides comprehensive space planning services to create refined, custom solutions that optimize the use of your space. Our Design team assesses your space and provides options for the best use of your workspace.


The value of modular furniture lies in its potential for redeployment and reuse in a reconfiguration.

Our Design team works with you to ensure that existing furnishings complement new purchases, while providing maximum versatility.

Project Management

Project Managers integrate all aspects of your project, coordinate resources so they are available when and where needed, and they ensure that the expected results are produced in a timely, cost-effective manner.

A McCrum’s Project Manager enhances your team by coordinating schedules, timelines and providing current budgets and reporting.

Delivery and Installation

Our Delivery and Installation team has the expertise and resources to efficiently handle any size project. McCrum’s fleet of delivery vehicles ensures you receive rapid response time on your project.

Asset Management

Proper inventory management is the most important discipline for the efficient and cost-effective redeployment of excess product.

Our web-based software provides on-demand, comprehensive inventory reporting anytime from anywhere. 

Asset management supports your environmental initiatives by reducing waste and focusing on repurposing existing furnishings.

Move Services

We are specialists in moves and relocations and can accommodate all inter-office and external moves. McCrum’s has the resources to handle your largest moves.

Our expertise in repairing, refurbishing and reconfiguring office furnishings will minimize your downtime, reduce disruption and ensure that your move runs efficiently and on schedule.

Ergonomic Assessment

Designed to increase productivity, while reducing strain and injury, ergonomic products will add value to your workspace and enhance your furnishings.

McCrum's offers a range of ergonomic accessories and provides ergonomic consultation.

Repair & Maintenance

To protect your warranties and extend the lifetime of your furniture assets, McCrum’s offers certified maintenance and repairs.

Based on your needs, a proactive maintenance strategy can be developed to ensure that your furnishings retain their value and are taken care of.

Site Contracts

Let us integrate our knowledge and experience to respond to your facilities requests, inquiries and project requirements. We will respond to your request within 24 hours and can provide around-the-clock services. 

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